US Lotto Apps

US Lotto Apps

American lotto players are definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding which games to play because this country is home to some of the biggest lotto games in the world. US lotto apps are available to download and install for all the major US lotto games, meaning that you can access the very latest information from some of the best lotto games that the USA has to offer within minutes of the draw taking place.

American isn't small by any means and having a country that spans an array of time zones doesn’t aid well when checking the lotto results. However, by using a US lotto app at the touch of a button you can find out you if you have won a US lotto jackpot in the palm of your hand without having to search yourself for the most recent results.

The Powerball and Mega Millions are two of the biggest US lotto games and there is a lotto app provided for both of these big games. The US lotto app market doesn’t stop there because also available for download are lotto apps for the Florida Lottery, California Lottery and the New Jersey Lottery.

The following US lotto apps are waiting to be downloaded for free:

Mega Millions Lotto App

MegaMillions Lottery App

Mega Millions draw take place twice a week on a Tuesday and Friday night and when you launch the Mega Millions Lotto app you will be presented with the results from the last five draws. This US lottery started in 1996 and you can view all of the results right back until the very first draw by clicking the Archive icon which is located at the bottom of the screen. Enter the numbers you played the Mega Millions with and the results checker tool on this US lotto app will check to see if those particular lotto numbers won you a prize.

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Powerball Lotto App

MegaMillions Lottery App

The Powerball Lotto app is useful app to have on your smart phone or device as it enables you to view the very latest results from one of Americans biggest lotteries. The Powerball has draws twice a week, on a Wednesday and Saturday night, so just launch this US lotto app wherever you are and you will be able to find out if you are a Powerball winner. Along with the most recent results this Powerball Lotto app also allows you to look back through previous results from this multi-state US lotto and also has a useful random number generator for all those players out there that find it a struggle selecting their lotto numbers when playing the Powerball.

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Florida Lotto App

MegaMillions Lottery App

The Florida Lotto comes from the American state that is referred to by many as the ‘sunny state’ and the app for this lotto game could really brighten up your day if you find out you’re a Florida Lotto jackpot winner whilst you are on the move. When you launch this Florida Lotto app you will be able to access the features it offers at the touch of a button and the best part is that it comes to you for free!

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California Lotto App

MegaMillions Lottery App

The California Lotto app provides players in this lotto with the results for all of the most popular games from this state lotto. These include games such as the California SuperLotto, Fantasy 5, Daily 4, Midday 3 and Daily 3 and the latest results from any of these lotto games are presented on the home screen as soon as you launch the California Lotto app. This US lotto app also has a number generator feature which whenever used will generate a random set of numbers to play with and as there are quite a few California Lotto games to play this is a feature which might just come in handy when you are struggling to select those all-important lotto numbers.

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New Jersey Lotto App

MegaMillions Lottery App

There are quite a few different games in the New Jersey Lotto and the New Jersey Lotto app enables you to view the results from six of the biggest games – Pick Six, Jersey Cash 5, Pick Four Mid, Pick Four Eve, Pick Three Mid and Pick Three Eve. The latest results from these US state lotto games are available to view on the New Jersey Lotto app and all you need to do is launch the app and you won’t have to flick between screens as all the most results are presented to you on the home screen!

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