European Lotto Apps

EU Lotto Apps

Europe plays host to some of the biggest and most popular lotto games in the world therefore players are truly spoilt for choice when choosing which European lotto game to play. The increase in European lotto games has meant that these games have become a massive hit not only in the Europe but also worldwide. This page highlights the European lotto apps that focus on the games that have developed into huge lotto games, all of which enable you to keep up to date with the latest information from these European lotto games all in the palm of your hand.

One of the more well-known and certainly popular European lotto games available to play is the EuroMillions. Launched in 2004 this pan-European lottery has in total nine countries that all take part in this lotto game and has made numerous players overnight millionaires in the years that is has been playing. With a starting jackpot of a minimum of €15 million and a rollover facility that has seen jackpots soar to €180 million, it is no surprise that this lotto game as developed into a firm favourite for people to play.

Whether you like to play a European lotto with bigger jackpots or one with smaller odds it entirely up to you however, all of the European lotto apps displayed on this page are all available to download for free and allow you to check to see if you have become a winner in the associated lotto within minutes of the draw actually taking place.

EuroMillions Lotto App

EuroMillions Lottery App

As mentioned above, the EuroMillions is one of the biggest European lotto games and the EuroMillions app will allow you to see if you have become a winner in this lotto game whilst you are on the move. Available to install and download to your mobile device for free, this EuroMillions app comes with a useful results checker and it also includes a feature called the random number generator which when used will give you a unique set of lotto numbers to play the EuroMillions with.

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Eurojackpot Lotto App

Eurojackpot Lottery App

Eurojackpot is Europe's most widely played lottery and with this app you can get the latest results and check your tickets no matter where you play. Draws take place every Tuesday and Friday night and the winning numbers are added to the app straight after they have been confirmed. You can also take advantage of the app's Multi-Line Ticket Checker to find out if you won in an instant, or use the Number Generator to create your next set of lucky numbers. There's detailed information about each draw, including all the prizes that were won in each category and exactly how many tickets won on the night.

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Irish Lotto App

Irish Lottery App

Although the Irish Lotto is one of the smaller European lotto games available to play the Irish Lotto app itself boasts some impressive features. When you launch the app from your mobile device the home screen with present you with the most recent Irish Lotto results then if you hit the Archive icon you will be able to browse through the results all the way back to the first ever Irish Lotto game in April 1988. This Irish Lotto app doesn’t stop there though as it will also generator a random set of numbers for you to play this European lotto game with all at the touch of a button.

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SuperEnalotto Lotto App

SuperEnalotto Lottery App

SuperEnalotto is Italy’s biggest lotto game, with a jackpot that has reached over €100 million on several occasions. Draws take place three times a week on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night. The SuperEnalotto Lotto app delivers all the latest results from each draw as soon as the winning numbers have been confirmed, and also lets you look back on a complete history of results. Save your numbers to the Ticket Checker to find out whether you won any prizes and generate a fresh set of numbers to use in upcoming draws.

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UK Lotto App

UK Lotto App

The UK Lotto is amongst quite a few European lotto games that have been available to play for some time. Launching in 1994 this game was previously known as the National Lottery and over the years it has been playing this European lotto game has developed into a game that many people participate in. It has two draws a week, one on a Wednesday night and the other on a Saturday night and the UK Lotto app will allow you to not only view the latest UK Lotto results but will also let you browse through the archive of UK Lotto numbers and provide you with a helpful results checker.

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