Lotto Apps

Lotto apps are software applications that you can download to your smart phone or device to make participating in a certain lotto game all the more exciting and convenient. Lotto apps, which can be known as lotto applications, are designed with the player in mind. This means that lotto players can view the latest results, news and information in the palm of their hand all through the aid of a lotto app. Apps enable users to view the different lotto games on the move either through their smart phones such as Apple iPhones or Andriod phones, however some lotto apps can be downloaded on tablet computers that have WiFi access such as the Apple iPad or Andriod tablets.

Designed with the Lotto Player in Mind

Dozens of Free Lotto Apps
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Like all applications, sometimes what you see is not necessarily what you will actually get. This can be very disappointing if you have bought a rather costly lotto app and it doesn’t contain the features which you thought it would. Lotto apps are designed to provide you with information and when you install an expensive lotto app that has very limited features which can also be in effective, it can just be seen as a waste of time. However, there are also numerous other lotto apps that are free to download, come with an array of features and don’t cost a penny to use.

Lotto apps is a site, like app themselves, that is designed with the lotto player in mind. It is our job to draw your attention to the various free lotto apps that are available for you to download and start using straight away. This site will provide you will the information and tools you need to select the lotto app that will suit your lotto needs. The following are some of the features that the various lotto apps have available for you to use:

Fast Lottery Results

Fast Lottery results

No longer will you have to watch the lotto draw on television or hopelessly search the Web for reliable results. The lotto apps displayed on this site allow you to check the very latest lotto results within minutes of each draw taking place, which means that you can find out if you have won a lotto prize regardless of where you are!

Ticket Scanner

Lottery Ticket Scanner

Some lotto apps now come with built-in ticket scanners, which allow you to find out if your ticket is a winner in an instant. To use the scanner you simply point your device's camera at the barcode on your ticket; you will then see the winning numbers from the draw and find out how yours matched up. There's no faster way to find out if you won.

Number Generator

Fast Lottery results

Do you struggle to decide which numbers to play a lotto game with? Well struggle no more as a lotto app with a number generator feature will do all the hard work for you. All you need to do it tap the generate button and you will be provided with a random set of numbers to play that associated lotto with, no more guesswork!

Results Archive

Lottery Results Archives

The results archive is a feature which is available on some lotto apps. Having a results archive allows you to access previous lotto results from the very first draw of that particular lotto game should you wish to view them. It's a great feature for those wishing to take a historial look at a lotto game's performance.

These lotto app features, though they won’t improve your chances of actually winning a lotto jackpot, will help to find out if you have struck lucky and won a lotto prize whilst you are on the move. Lotto apps also make participating in the different lotto games all the more interesting and as there are apps for numerous lotto games available to download on different devices there is bound to be an app that caters to your needs just waiting to be installed!